I was thinking about a community where you hide an emoji in a comment in different hilariouschaos.com communities.

When you find it, you just comment “found it” "found* attaching the found it comment onto the comment of the emoji wherever you found it.

It would be more fun if it were a cross instance thing.

But other mods and admins would and could and more then likely will remove them. You could look at the mod log removals though unless the purge it. So… yea…

We won’t remove the emoji on HC. We’re not anal like that.


Maybe you could do cross instance but you’d have to leave an actual legitimate comment on a post in a community.

And it would have to start and end with the same emoji in order for it to stand out.

Example Comment:

🎀 Yea I feel similarly to online gaming. Mobile games are great, but online games are much more immersive. 🎀

What do you think ?

To try it out i hid a 🎀 emoji in one of our hilariouschaos.com communities. If you want to look and find it do as above commenting ‘found’ into it. The hint ill give for which community its hidden is: " You need to get a __________"