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    8 days ago

    Would be curious if anyone has any more info but I think it was kind of an anonymous network that was deanonymized so maybe abandoned? So they changed some things (anonymity not a goal by default but is opt-in) and are trying to relaunch as something a little different.

  • remarkable how support is tanking among the youthful right wing

    at first glance it does surprise me but probably when you think about it a bit it’s less surprising. A big push is probably the “america first” / libertarian-ish view that America has its own problems to fund and doesn’t need to fund foreign countries or their wars. The secondary push I’m guessing is “Christianity first”, related to the “America first” idea but the idea is that the conflict is Jews versus Muslims… doesn’t really have anything to do with Christians. A third push may be literal Nazis or Nazi-adjacent views (while I see some people like this online, they seem to be a minority, so not sure how prevalent this is actually)

    I’m curious if any polling has been done to identify the “why” of right-wing drop in support of israel with younger peopel