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  • You want negativity? Like superb level of it with extra cherry on a top? You send me. Just few days ago I made a person scream my name for 20 minutes straight, but it took me a while to get there. The final result? Toe curling muscle wrenching laughs with snorts and crying. It was so effing funny it became a core memory. I showed it to EVERYBODY! Me and my friends and family will remember it for as long we live and beyond. Totally worth it.


  • YouTubers getting religious whenever a traffic plummets by insignificant margin.

    YT was doing some changes how they serve content to audience and traffic plummeted across the board - and some weaklings just rediscovered love for God because they think they somehow distraught the audience so they don’t watch their garbage. Best part? YT/Google announced this at least 10 days ago…